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A spacious classroom & audience room

A spacious classroom and audience room of 100 square metres, situated on the ground floor. English classes and educational and Montessori conferences will be held in this space; it can approximately host 100 people. In addition, the Montessori materials for the education of children aged 3 to 7 have been exposed in this room. Furthermore this facility is used for physical exercise classes like rhythmical exercises, walking on the line and musical games.

A smaller classroom

The two installed sinks are used by the pupils for Practical Life activities. The space is also used for Art-activities. Besides a collection of Montessori materials and books, meant to be for sale, is exhibited in this area.

A kitchen

The kitchen will serve for refreshments and snacks during lessons, lectures and conferences.

Outdoor playground

A green, outdoor playground, with apparatus, is daily used by the pupils for outdoor activities like physical exercises, gardening, cleaning activities, finding worms, ladybirds and caterpillars, conkers, fir-cones, leaves etc.



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The Swiss Montessori Centre's main goal is to promote the educational Montessori Method at regional, national and international level.


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