Upcoming events

22.05.2018, 18:00H Storytelling Globo Uovo Show + Apéritif at Swiss Montessori Centre

Here you can download the flyer for the event Storytelling Globo Uovo Show: INVGloboUovoStorySong.pdf

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Friday 23.03.2018, 18:00H Vernissage COWS Exposition at Swiss Montessori Centre

At 18:00H Vernissage COWS Exposition - till 23.05.2018 - after Opening Conference Creative Child.The Vernissage is followed by food and wine tasting/Dégustation. Click on next link for more information about the COWS of Carine Légeret-Ebener 2018-02-27_invBrochCarineCons.pdf

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About Us

The Swiss Montessori Centre's main goal is to promote the educational Montessori Method at regional, national and international level.


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