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The Swiss Montessori Centre activities regulary explore cultural and artistic events with the goal of broadening the learning experience.

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About the Montessori method and the education at the school

Our two sons (aged 3 and 5) joined a fun group of children of all ages at the English Montessori School in Rue des Beaux Arts. Their curiosity, their creativity and their sense of respect for others is being guided in a pedagogical environment that is well thought through. They have embarked on a journey to discover many things, from worms to the history of the Middle East to writing. They move around and play in a magnificent courtyard, close-by at the Jardin Anglais or at the lakeside. They are doing sports, they are visiting museums. We are very grateful to the teacher, Ms Houweling, for providing such an environment in which our children are striving.

Anonymous, 2017

We thank you for having accompanied us on our journey with Zachary. Your coaching, patience and methodology have been constructive, insightful and of tremendous added value to Zachary and us. He has grown, changed and became a more confident and autonomous child throughout this last year. We thank you for your passion and engagement and look forward to the next year. We like to take this opportunity to mention that we appreciate very much your proactive communication. We wish you a very nice, relaxing and well deserved holiday.

Anonymous, 2017

The beauty and the power of what you did with our children has become something which does deserve to live its own life. We need to make an act of trust and love towards the world and let people be enchanted by the peace and respect towards the others especially when different build up by the hard work and the deep concentration as only kids can manage to achieve.

Anonymous, 2017

Nous voulons vous remercier du fond du cœur pour l’attention et la bienveillance que vous avez porté à tous les enfants de la SMC (Swiss Montessori Centre). Nous ne doutons pas qu’ils en tireront des bénéfices pour le reste de leurs jours. En vous souhaitant pleins succès par la suite. Nous vous adressons, Mme Houweling nos meilleurs salutations.

Anonymous, 2017

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